Monday, September 20, 2010

Delicatessen - Soho - Low Country Grits

Delicatessen is just a few short blocks from my apartment, is almost always busy, and I generally avoid it because of that.  I'm a little stupid about lines (I don't do them).  However, this weekend something amazing was in the air, so I decided to walk in and take a seat at the bar.

One glance at the menu, not even giving my bartender Victor (better known as "Vegas") a chance to get my drink order, I saw my next meal...the Low Country Grits.

Delicatessen's Low Country Grits are simple and extremely tasty. They are made up of a base of grits, topped with cheddar cheese, bacon, and a fried egg, all piled into a bowl (add hot sauce for added awesomeness). I will say that the presentation did leave a little to be desired, but to be honest, the food didn't last long enough for me to care.  The only real mistake they made was serving it with a fork, but not a spoon.  (So I used my hands, sue me)

As I'm sure I've mentioned (and if not, I will to a fault) I am a NYC transplant from NW Florida/North Carolina.  I love me some southern food, and grits fall into that category.  It's one of those foods that you don't find often in NYC, and when you do, they are generally lacking.  That is not the case with Delicatessen, these were some of the best grits I've ever eaten.

This amazing bowl of southern goodness comes in at 10 bucks, and worth every penny. Throw in a coffee, and a couple of Vegas' signature bloody marys (that kid can make a drink with some BITE) and it really makes for a great brunch.

All in all, this place is a must.

A side note, as you can tell by the dates on these blogs, I've been seriously neglecting The Lower Eats Side! Good news is, I have lots of meals backblogged (get it?), so expect a nice set of updates in the coming weeks.

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