Thursday, July 1, 2010

The National - Lower East Side - Jamaican Rub Pork Ribs

So this gem of a restaurant is located one block south of my apartment on the Lower East Side.  I stumbled in one Sunday morning when I was in dire need for brunch (Forget what others may have told you. On the seventh day, God had brunch... and it was good)  Since then, I happen by once every week or so if, for nothing else, some great coffee & conversation.  

The National is a relatively new restaurant, only having been open about a year now, & they are constantly working the menu.  When I sat down for dinner this sunday, my eyes were immediately drawn to the table next to me.  What I saw was Jamaican rub pork ribs with a spicy pineapple sauce.  The meal came with spinach and a nice helping of potato salad. 

Now, let me state, this dish is NOT for everyone.  My waitress Julie even double checked to see if I like spicy food (I really do). However, if YOU don't dig the spicy stuff, don't order this.  The rub itself isn't that spicy, its the pineapple sauce that does the trick.  The spinach was a nice pairing as its simple flavor really helped even out the spice, which could be overwhelming for some.  The potato salad was mustard based (not my favorite way) and had a little kick to it as well.  I feel a lighter potato salad, (without the kick) could have been a better pairing.  The ribs were amazingly tender & the meat was literally falling off the bones.  This dish is probably the most hearty and filling that The National has to offer, and it really did the trick for me.  I walked away happy & full, and will definitely be ordering this again.

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